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President Museveni is heaven sent angel – Hon Nabanja

Uganda’s Prime Minister Hon Robina Nabanja has praised President Museveni saying he is a heaven saint angel.

She made the statement during an interview with NBS Television.

According to Nabbanja, this is not said just because she was appointed as a Prime Minister. She said everyone who has been a leader knows how hard it is to rule people. So if president Museveni wasn’t heaven sent Uganda would be among the poorest countries in Africa.

“President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a heaven sent angel. We are lucky to have him as our president. According to what he has done for Uganda if he was not sent by God we would be the poorest country. I am not saying this because he appointed me as Prime Minister but that’s the truth.” Hon Nabanja said.

Hon Nabanja said she doesn’t mind whether it makes people happy because what she is saying is true.

It should be noted that President Museveni has ruled Uganda for 35years and he is now taking on other 5 years as the president.

Written by Aine Siggy

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