Social media users liken PM Nabbanja to ancient Dutch PM who was eaten by protestors

You ever heard of the saying that a promise is a debt, well when it comes to a scenario where the government has promised it’s citizens, it’s nolonger a debt but rather a responsibility to be fulfilled no matter what.

Ever since the government through the Prime Minister’s office promised Ugandans COVID 19 relief package of Ugx 100,000 via mobile money, the mood has really been high and tense.

This money is the talk of the country everywhere as they just can’t wait for it to rain on their phones.

However, the waiting is growing tiresome as some people feel the government is taking long to act upon it’s promise.

And as Ugandans are commonly known due to their humorous nature when it comes to social media, they took to commenting on a post on NTV journalist Patrick Mukasa’s page.

This talked of a Dutch prime Minister who was killed and eaten by an angry mob in 1672.

The Prime Minister was called Johan de Witt and people felt he had failed them because at the time the Dutch republic was at war with France and England.

The people though did not mean they will eat Nabbanja but it was humor at play.

“Haaa Patrick Miss Nabbanja has God’s security since she just contributed to the church house.” A user commented.

“Bambi Nabanja ,she even seems to be naive kikazi kyatu.” Another said.

“problem will come f she doesn’t keep what she promised.” A comment came in.

“this is scary.we love our @primeministernabanja.” A seemingly scared user said.

“A hungry man is always an angry man….. We are hungry.” Another said.

“Sawa yona afuuka enva.” Another jokingly said.

The government however promised to start rolling out the funds this week.

Written by Aine Siggy

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