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UMA is not helpful at all, Chameleon is right – Khalifa Aganaga

Musician Mukibi Sadhat commonly known as Khalifa Aganaga has applauded Jose Chameleon for forming his own association because Uganda Musician Association (UMA) is not a helpful at all.

He made this statement during an interview with BBS Television.

Aganaga is known to have been against UMA since it was formed. According to him, UMA takes back the music industry because all people in it are money minded.

“UMA is not and has not been helpful at all. Jose Chameleon is right in what he is doing to form another association. I am sure Jose Chameleon’s association is going to help us more than UMA because UMA leadership is only money minded.” Aganaga said.

Aganaga said UMA has been milking money from upcoming artists promising them heaven and earth. He said this is one of the reasons why it has not developed in the past years it has been existing.

It should be noted that the Jose Chameleon’s association is not for every artist. Its only for the few that are said to be super start because it is called Uganda Super Stars Association.

Written by Aine Siggy

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