Full Figure attacks Lord Mayor Lukwago, leave Ham alone

Presidential advisor Jennifer Nakangubi commonly known as Full Figure has attacked Kampala’s Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago telling him to leave city tycoon and business man Hamis Kigundu known as Ham,

This came after Elias Lukwago said Ham wasn’t right line up bundles of money to as he was giving it to government to buy Ugandans Covid19 vaccines as he called it a primitive act in these trying moments when people have nothing to eat.

According to Full Figure, Elias Lukwago is just jealousy and selfish. She added on that he has no right to talk about people who are trying to save lives of Ugandans because he totally failed to do so.

Full Figure said she has never seen Elias Lukwago give any hungry Ugandan food yet he earns a lot of money.

“Lord mayor Elias Lukwago you have no right to talk about Hamis Kigundu and his money. At least for him he gives out, what have you done for Ugandans yet your salary is from the tax they pay. Your selfish and jealousy I didn’t expect you to be the one attacking Ham.” Full Figure said.

Out spoken Full Figure said Lukwago should feel at heart because Ham will not come to fight for a political seat with him because he is rich enough with no intentions of joining politics.

Written by Aine Siggy

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