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Man disguised as John Blaq in the leaked sex tape speaks out

The man who disguised himself as singer John Blaq in the sex tape making rounds on social media has spoken out on the hullabaloo.

This man is known as Siva Vybes and he said to be musician.

According to this man who had an interview with BBS Television, he said he is not the person in the sex tape as social media users are saying. The only problem is that he resembles John Blaq so much.

“I am not the person in that video making rounds on social media. I have seen social media users attaching me to it just because I resemble John Blaq and the singer at the same time. The reality is that’s not me.”

Siva Vybes said he is a married man with children there was no reason for him to record himself having sex.

He said the person who recorded himself as John Blaq, should be punished by God because what he did is the worst thing someone can do.

Written by Aine Siggy

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