Pallaso reveals his Facebook account was hacked

Musician Pallaso came out yesterday to reveal how his Facebook account was hacked by an unknown person.

Social media has really bridged the gap between fans and their superstars.

These fans feel that when their superstars don’t post in a few days then something is wrong.

This prompted a fan to ask the Malamu singer why his Facebook activity wasn’t present these days.

Pallaso replied by saying the account had been hacked but they were doing all they can to recover access to it.

Replying to Pallaso’s Instagram post asking fans whether they missed him on stage a fan replied yes he was missed before asking about the Facebook page.

“Yes I do miss you, but am here wondering what has happened to your Facebook account, it’s not there.”

To which Pallaso replied, “my Facebook page was hacked and taken dear. We are still trying to find help.”

It’s not the first time celebrities are having their accounts hacked and used to confuse fans.

Artists like Beenie Gunter, Fille, Irene Ntale have had their social media accounts at one time hacked.

Most times this is done to these artists when they change management and in a not proper way.

Some recover them and others open up new ones but we hope the sucker free boss recovers his.

Written by Aine Siggy

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