I’m my own competitor- Spice Diana tells off haters

Musician Namukwaya Hajarah aka Spice Diana has come out to declare to her rivals or those contemplating to be that she’s her own biggest rival and competitor.

It should be recalled that there is some brewing bad blood between some of the industry’s elite female musicians Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana.

Spice Diana alleges that Sheebah’s fans have a tendency of always insulting her and reminding her how she will never be the best when Sheebah is still around.

The Body singer took to different media outlets and her own social media pages to cry out to Sheebah to advise her fans to leave her alone.

Sheebah though came out and said there was no way she could dictate how her fans should behave.

Besides she had no proof that these were her fans and not planted by Spice Diana to chase the queen karma’s attention.

Sheebah has basically denied to be indulged in any sort of open beef with Spice Diana.

However, it does not need common sense spectacles to know that these artistes are hitting themselves through their different social media posts.

The Nakyuka singer took to her social media a few days ago to say that some people use their money to look like they have more money yet she uses hers to make more.

Fans interpreted this as a swipe at Spice Diana due to her stylish and lavish lifestyle.

However Spice has also come out to declare how she has no competitor and is just battling herself as the undisputed queen of Ugandan music.

“YOU VS YOU will always be the biggest fight.” Spice Diana posted on her Facebook page.

She recently released a song titled “Ntuuyo Zange” after Sheebah’s comments of using more money to look like she has more money.

This is a war in a bubble that is about to bust and we shall surely keep you updated.

Written by Aine Siggy

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