Truth finally revealed about Ykee Bend and Lydia Jazmine’s marriage

A few weeks ago social media was awash with photos of a seemingly kwanjula ceremony of singers Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine.

The two were clad in kwanjula wear and even seemed to share a kiss in one of the pics.

This left many people guessing if truly the two had indeed gotten married.

However others were completely sure this was a stunt to promote an upcoming song between the two.

The two would go ahead to post caption less photos with only love emojis and truly some fell for it.

However taking to their social media pages, the two announced how they have all along been promoting a duet

“Track 18, off my Kirabo album, #Banange ft Lydia Jazmine will drop on Monday 10am on my YouTube channel.” Ykee Benda posted.

Stunts are some of the tools most celebrities have used to promote their material in the past.

And due to the nature of Ugandans’ love for rumors and gossip, they have always fallen for it.

Written by Aine Siggy

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