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Artists like John Blaq need to be punished – Kato Lubwama

Hon Kato Lubwama has come out and said artists like John Kasadha commonly known as John Blaq need to be seriously punished by Uganda Musician Association (UMA).

This came after a sex tape that is alleged to be John Blaq’s made rounds on social media over the weekend.

Kato Lubwama who had an interview with Spark Television said this is a bad act and it keeps taking musicians back. Kato added on that its hurting that upcoming musicians who are not even talented are the ones try to put down the art industry that they found on the level where it is.

“Artists like John Blaq need to be punished for the acts he is doing. How can an upcoming artist who is not even talented try putting down the at industry he found on the level where it is? UMA should do something for him.” Kato Lubwama said.

However, Kato Lubwama said other upcoming artists will have to learn from John Blaq or any other artist that will be punished by UMA to keep the art industry moving and respected.

It should be noted that John Blaq denied being in the sex tape rather someone else who looks exactly like him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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