Comedian Madrat relationship secrets exposed by ex lover

Drama never ceases to end and in the past few days, Ugandans have been treated to some drama in relationship and adult content.

Now before the dust of leaked tapes and other relationship issues settled, another saga has risen up and this time it’s comedian Madrat of the comedy duo Madrat&Chiko.

Madrat’s ex a one Nanteza came out to expose the funny man’s weird behaviors during an interview with NBS TV.

She narrated how she was in a relationship with Madrat a few years back but things didn’t work out well.

They broke up but got back together again in 2019 before eventually quitting it.

She however said that Madrat had made it a habit of stalking her yet she clearly told him that she had moved on.

Nanteza even said that she’s now in love with NTV presenter Daggy Nice before adding that Madrat has been sending her messages threatening her.

She further said that Madrat’s behaviors were a total turn off since he was so jealous and violent.

Nanteza added how she’s the one who has been giving Madrat money to look after his family since she owns a spare parts shop and boutique in Najeera.

The chic even showed numerous mobile money messages of Ugx 30,000 from Madrat to her which she said she had never asked from him.

“I broke up with him because of his behaviors and insecurity plus he’s also violent.

I remember at one time I told his partner Chiko how he looked smart in a pair of shoes and Madrat accused me of wanting to sleep with him (Chiko). He even pinched and beat me but I had never complained or told Chiko how he sleeps with his girlfriends. It’s me who has even been giving him money to look after his family. I just want him to know that I don’t want him anymore because am in love with Daggy Nice now.” Nanteza said.

However, while responding to these allegations, Madrat said this girl was too rural and he even did not love her.

The comedian said that they would go to bed and he would not even touch her at times because of her stench before warning Daggy Nice that he was about to crash.

Written by Aine Siggy

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