Stop comparing Rema to Kenzo’s girlfriend – Halima Namakula

Music legend Harima Namakula also known as singer Rema Nanakula’s mother has come out and told people to stop comparing Rema to Eddy Kenzo’s girlfriend.

This came after social media went on fire with photos of a beautiful girl that is said to be Eddy Kenzo’s new girlfriend.

Since then people have been comparing the photos of the two Rema and the new girlfriend saying the new girlfriend is more beautiful something that Harima Namakula doesn’t support.

According to Harima, these are two different people and have a different age. She sees no big reason why the would be compared to each other and on top of that Rema is happy where she is they should stop taking her back.

“Stop comparing Rema to Eddy Kenzo’s new girlfriend because these are two different people. I don’t see a reason why they would be compared after all Rema moved on and she is happy where she is people should stop taking her back.” Harima Namakula said.

Harima Namakula said if its true that young lady is Eddy Kenzo’s new girlfriend then that’s good but Rema should not included in their new life.

Rema and Kenzo were married for five years and the two have a beautiful daughter together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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