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Chameleon’s new association is targeting gov’t money – Isma Oalaxess

Social media blogger Isma Oalaxess has said singer Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon’s new association is targeting government money.

He made this statement during an entertainment show on Sanyuka Television.

This came a week after Jose Chameleon announced his new association to the public he named Super Star Musician Association and even the Federation he said he is leading.

According to Isma Oalaxess why has this come after government coming out and saying its going to help artists with some money because they have spent long time without working. He said its very clear to everyone that Jose Chameleon is not doing what he is doing out of love but money.

“Where was Chameleon before government said its going to give artists money? Why didn’t he form his association longtime? This clearly shows that he is after money forming his associations. If he had love for music he would have formed these associations long time.” Isma Oalaxess said.

Isma is not the first person to question Chameleon’s association even Kato Lubwama said Chameleon is money minded he cant do anything without getting money out of it.

Isma advised all artists to think outside the box other wise some will be left out and will not benefit from government if they keep running from one association to another.

Written by Aine Siggy

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