Did Lyda Ddane just say she shit her bed with shocking revelation?

NTV and Kfm presenter Lynda Ddane took to her Twitter page to give a piece of advice to her followers next time they are in bed.

The sexy and gorgeous presenter advised them not to use a toilet the next time they dream about it when in deep sleep.

Hilarious isn’t it, we all know what used to happen when we were still kids and you get such a dream.

We all at one point dreamt being at a roadside spot or wherever you were peeing that the river Nile stream that would never end.

And on waking up you would be floating in your own piss and some people even went a step further to shitting their beds with the real shit.

And hopefully for Lynda Ddane maybe it was just piss and not the real shit because there would be no way you would want to imagine that your crush and favorite presenter did bad manners to her bed.

“If you see a toilet In your dream ;

DO NOT USE IT !!!.” Lynda Ddana tweeted.

Surely she could have dreamt going to one of the comfy Serena Hotels toilets where NTV is based and before she knew it, she was actually peeing.

Her followers took to the comment section to plead with her to narrate the whole ordeal and not just bits.

what happened.” A user asked.

“Even if you see ur friends branching somewhere for a short co don’t follow them.” Another went.

“Did u wet bed?” Another didn’t shy away from asking point blank.

“I hate it when I use it .” A female user said meaning she knows the results.

“Sorry for what has happened.” Another said seemingly knowing that results of such a dream.

Written by Aine Siggy

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