Karole Kasita hails Ssegirinya for the great work he’s doing

Musician Karole Kasita has come out to hail the great work Kawempe north mp Muhammad Ssegirinya is doing in his constituency and beyond.

Ssegirinya has a number of projects running in Kawempe North such as the Segi box where he provides capital to the underprivileged families to boost their finances.

He has in the last few days been seen giving out a number of items to the people in Kawempe north to kickstart their projects and earn some income.

It’s from here that Karole Kasita showed her immense appreciation for the legislator.

He has basically shown that a leader does not wait for government intervention to help his people bit starts with the little they have.

“I dont know the right words to Use bt whenever i see this man changing a Local person’s Life, Amazigaa Gampitamu. He is using the little he has to touch and Change Lives of the Local Pple , May the almighty Bless you more
.. Golden Heart Mr Updates.” Karole Kasita losted.

Ssegirinya has also donated a number of ambulances country wide in the past.

He went ahead to build Kawempe North hospital which he said will be one of the best in the country.

He got it’s operating license from the ministry of health yesterday.

Ssegirinya is surely doing a commendable job in his constituency and has garneredassibe respect and appreciation from different people in the country.

Written by Aine Siggy

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