Sheila Gashumba battling with depression

Socialite and media personality Sheila Gashumba has come out to reveal her battle with depression via a tweet on her official Twitter page.

Of late people have made it a custom to vent their anger and tell their struggles on social media platforms.

This is where some find comfort and solutions to their problems since a lot of people might have gone through what they are going through and can relate.

Gashumba also took to Twitter with a simple tweet saying she’s tired but embedding a lot of messages in it.

“?? I’m tired !!!” Sheila Gashumba posted.

It was rumored that a few days ago she had a bitter fight with her new boyfriend Sweden based Ugandan singer Rickman Rick.

The two had started dating just a few months ago shortly after Sheila had broken up with on and off boyfriend Marcus Lwanga aka God’s plan.

Rickman and Sheila went about painting the whole city into a telemundo arena before fans would go ahead to say that it would end up crashing into the Atlantic.

It’s further alleged that the “Bango” singer does not see eye to eye with the former NTV presenter currently.

As some were mocking that it’s her skirt making her restless and stressed out, others comforted her to be strong and weather down whatever she’s going through.

Mental health is a big issue especially in Uganda and therefore people should stop making fun of people’s problems because you never know what they are going through.

Your comments and opinions however harmless you think they are could go a long way in affecting someone genuinely seeking for help.

Written by Aine Siggy

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