Kiira municipality Mp Ssemujju Nganda hails Mulago hospital

It’s really hard to find any opposition politician in Uganda applauding the government or it’s facilities for the good work they have done.

However, Kiira municipality Mp Hon Ssemujju Nganda took time off to appreciate Mulago hospital for it’s great services after they treated his ailing mother.

Ssemujju said that he first took his mother to two private hospitals which have been touted as some of the best in the country.

The legislator said that what he saw in these hospitals was sickening and he realised that private hospitals are inly after money.

“I came with my sick mother and we approached the hospital. They immediately told me to pay Ugx3 million per day before they even touch her which I accepted. They didn’t even have enough personal protective gears but were only after money.” Ssemujju said.

After paying this money, Ssemujju realized that his mother was not receiving any treatment hence transferring Mulago hospital.

He says that the professionalism exhibited at Mulago hospital was beyond his imagination and went ahead to appreciate the way his mother was handled.

“They were well dressed in personal protective gears and even sorayed everything we touched or wherever we stepped. This never happened in private hospitals. They took her and I only got updates about her via phone calls for a week.” Ssemujju added.

Fortunately his mother was able to recover from the deadly COVID 19.

He’s not the only one that has come out to appreciate the professionalism exhibited by the national referral hospital as a lot of people have come out to appreciate the hospital.

Written by Aine Siggy

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