Lil Pazzo a member of Chameleon’s new group confirms they are after money

Lil Pazzo a member of Chameleon’s new group United Superstars Association, has come out to confirm how the group is targeting Salim Saleh’s money set to be disbursed to musicians.

A few days ago Chameleon announced how he and other musicians had seceded from UMA to form their own umbrella that served their interests in the best way possible.

This proved to be a major blow to the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) which has been at the hierarchy of musicians affairs in the country.

UMA has in the past few days organized different meetings to make sure that Chameleon’s new organization does not seize power from them.

The Leone island boss however said that they are willing to work with all organizations to steer Ugandan music ahead.

He however maintained that he and his federation will be the overall head of all musician’s associations in the country.

Chameleon was questioned whether he was targeting Salim Saleh’s money but he denied that it’s not true.

However, while speaking to Dembe FM’s talk and talk show program, Lil Pazzo lunabe a member of Chameleon’s Uganda Superstar association said that it’s true they also want Salim Saleh’s money.

The “Genda ogule emotokka” singer however said that they also wanted to work for the good of the music industry.

He added that the reason why most musicians are deserting UMA is it’s involvement in politics being majorly an NRM umbrella.

“All these organizations that you hear about pretending to have a link to the music industry are after Salim Saleh’s money. We want the money too and so does UMA. However our target is not just this money, it’s working in the best interests of Ugandan music which UMA has failed to do. The reason why I left UMA is because it’s more of an NRM political party in music. Almost all those who sit on the committee of UMA are NRM cadres.” Lil Pazzo said.

The singer said that UMA has massively failed and should join Chameleon’s wing.

He further added that UMA is full of betrayal, selfishness and blackmail a thing that has massively made it dysfunctional.

Written by Aine Siggy

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