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Pallaso calls on artists to be united in new association

Musician Mayanja Pius commonly known as Pallaso has called on all artists to be united in the new association.

This new association he is calling on artists to join is called Superstar Musician association formed by his brother Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon.

According to Pallaso this new association was formed to save artists because all other associations have failed to do so. He called on artists to join Superstar Musicians association they will never regret.

“I call upon all artists to come and join us in the Superstar Musician Association because we are ready to help each other. This association is not like other association it has structures and I tell you it will help artists in many things.” Pallaso said during an interview with STV.

Although many entertainment analysts have come out and said its targeting government money that is yet to be given to artists, Pallaso said its not true because plans of forming the association were made in 2019 before the outbreak of coronavirus.

‘Malamu’ hit maker said artists should not listen to these people because they are not wishing them well.

Written by Aine Siggy

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