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Tamale Mirundi Junior quits NUP for NRM

Tamale Mirundi Junior a son to political analyst Tamale Mirundi has quit National Unity Platform (NUP) an opposition political party for the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM).

He made this announcement during an interview with NBS Television.

Tamale Mirund Junior has been a coordinator in NUP despite his father supporting the ruling party and President Museveni. However, Tamale Mirundi Junior came out and he is not going to remain in a party that doesn’t have structures only basing on eating money that is donated from abroad.

Tamale Mirundi Junior said NUP is idiotic and the people in it are so illiterate to the extent where they think they catch power to rule Ugandans through black mailing.

“I am no longer in NUP, those people don’t have structures they are so idiotic and illiterate thinking they will get power to rule Ugandans by black mailing. No one should lie you that NUP people are fighting for poor Ugandans, those are fetching money from donors just.” Tamale Mirundi Junior said.

Tamale Mirundi Junior advised Ugandans to think outside the box and fight for themselves because no one should lie them that they are fighting for them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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