VJ Moon says that Visa Vybes has been impersonating John Blaq for long

A sex tape circulated last week and rumor had it that it was singer John Blaq in the video having intercourse.

The singer however together with his management came out and vehemently denied knowledge or participation in the video.

John Blaq said that it was someone trying so hard to tarnish his brand built from sweat.

Shortly another twist took over in this rumor when a one Visa Vybes who closely looks like John Blaq had his name in the saga.

Social media was all awash with his pictures and taking a closer look, Vybez who is an upcoming musician resembles John Blaq if one doesn’t take a keen look.

Visa Vybez however came out all teary in the media denying the video too.

He said that the government should take the tape for a DNA test and if they prove that he’s the one, he is ready to face any punishment given to him.

This led some people to believe that maybe he was innocent and is being accused for no reason.

However popular city movie translator VJ Moon has come out to say that this is not the first time Visa Vybez is impersonating John Blaq.

Moon told of how he was scammed by Visa Vybez and his group for a music performance.

He went ahead to say that he took Vybez to perform in Ishaka after he (Vybez) disguised as John Blaq but almost got lynched by revellers after they found out he wasn’t the Mbimala singer.

“I got in touch with Visa Vybes after being connected to a one Producer Monster in Kanyanya. I asked Monster for John Blaq’s number and he unknowingly gave me Visa Vybes’. We talked on the phone and the voice clearly sounded like John Blaq’s since he’s also a Musoga. I paid the first installment and we had agreed to go in the same car but they told me to go first. They came later and did a radio interview, then got to the hotel. He was told to go to the changing room but he said he was sorted. The hotel management started suspecting him there and then how a big musician could travel then fail to bathe and even change clothes. Time to go to stage came and he went and started singing. The crowd started jamming along but some girls from KIU Ishaka started saying he’s not John Blaq and before I know it the situation was out of hand. We had to get him off stage to save him and when we asked him who he was, he looked us in the eye and maintaned he’s John Blaq.” Vj Moon said.

Moon said that he wasn’t confirming that Vybez was the one in the sex tape but the fact that he could look in someone’s eyes and maintain he’s John Blaq even after being busted was questionable.

Written by Aine Siggy

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