Lydia Jazmine could soon relocate to South Sudan

Musician Nabawanukka Lydia aka Lydia Jazmine is a happy woman after being showered with lots of monies during her performance in South Sudan.

A few days ago Lydia flew out of the country with fellow singer Karole Kasita for performances in Gumba town in the capital, Juba.

The Masukka singer who is truly a talented musician coupled with her oozing sexiness left the south Sudanese yearning for more.

And in blessing her for the strong and tempting performances, they rained dollars and pounds on her.

She took took to her social media pages all excited to showcase herself drowning in bed with paper monies.

Jazmine will be having another show in Juba tonight and she only hopes it gets bigger than the one of yesterday.

With music shows and all entertainment centers shut down in Uganda, it’s no surprise that the singer was very much elated by this gesture.

“And ovcos I had to do the challenge as usual lol. This is the meaning of ?? fam love! MASSIVE SHOW Last Night Outside Juba town (Gumba), I can only imagine how tonight’s show in Juba town is gonna be.” Lydia Jazmine posted.

Ugandan musicians have in the past found greener pastures in Salvar Kiir’s country with a number of musicians heading there for performances.

South Sudanese undoubtedly have the money and splash it anyhow and maybe Jazmine could fancy owning a home there.

Written by Aine Siggy

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