Feminism is not a war against men- Dr Maggie Kigozi advises women

Public figure Dr Maggie Kigozi has come out to teach women and society in general about the concept of feminism.

This is a topic that has been debated over several times and generated different mixed reactions especially in societies which are still conservative.

Some women have take to using it as an advantage to abuse the freedom and ways of living that were at times deemed natural.

These however forget that feminism is advancing the equality of women and emancipating them to have voice in the different ways to run the globe.

Some feel that it’s their turn to have a go at men who they feel have subjected them to untold inequality for so long.

And in turn this makes men defiant to supporting some of the feminist principles that would be good to advance their communities for good.

This therefore makes it look like a gender war between men and women.

However Dr Maggie has come out to iron the misconceptions some people have about the feminist ideology.

She said that dressing indecently, being rude, nasty and refusing to get married are not principles of feminism yet some people think these are the pillars of the ideology.

The former Uganda Investment Authority boss took to her Instagram to preach this topic.


Being rude to your husband is not feminism

Dressing on social media is not feminism.

Being nasty to men folks in your workplace is not feminism.

Choosing to stay unmarried because you don’t want to be a submissive wife is not feminism.

Feminism is simply an advocacy for women to be heard, protected, supported and allowed equal opportunities to make their own impact as much as they can. It is not a battle line drawn against the men folks or an avenue to showcase ones foolery. Don’t confuse the MISSION PLS!!!.” Dr Maggie posted.

Written by Aine Siggy

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