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Full Figure reveals why she is sometimes abusive

Presidential advisor, Nakangubi Jennifer commonly known as Full Figure has revealed why she is very abusive sometimes.

Full Figure talked about this during an interview with STV television.

Full Figure is known as an outspoken person who doesn’t fear talking about anything, from entertainment to politics and many other things. This wouldn’t have been a problem but the language she uses is some times not pleasing.

However, Full Figure said she knows she uses an abusive language but has reasons for that. She said it’s a way of protecting herself because Ugandans are so disrespectful the fact that they know she is not educated yet she has her personal knowledge.

“I know I use an abusive language and I have reasons for that. You know Ugandans are so disrespectful especially when they know your not educated I use this language as a defense. If you become a problem I become a problem more.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure has been questioned by many people, saying there are young children watching her but she has not changed the language she uses.

According to Full Figure, Uganda grants rights to its citizens, she will do what makes her happy not what makes others happy.

Written by Aine Siggy

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