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Watch video: Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine drop their much anticipated video

Musicians Ykee Benda and Lydia Jasmine today dropped the video of the much anticipated sing “Banange”.

The two musicians a few days ago left people speculating what they were up to after rumor had it they had walked down the aisle.

Photos circulated online of the two singers all looking lovely in traditional wear usually worn on Kwanjula ceremonies.

They did not attach any captions apart from love emojis this sending social media into a frenzy.

However both musicians came out on Friday to clear the air saying the visuals we’re for their new duet titled “Banange.”

Ykee Benda promised fans that it would be released on Monday 12th July 2021 at exactly 10am and he did not disappoint as he dropped the song.

Shot by Mpaka films, Ykee Benda’s company the video is ok and the song is absolutely beautiful.

With performances still banned, the two artistes will surely rake in some good cash getting bookings to perform it weddings.

The song has already received massive applause from the fans with just barely hours after being released.

“Wow it’s a nice song with a cute video congratulations.” Another fan said.

“Beautiful, everything is marvellous, vocals, sound graphics, walai bi romance bimpambye.” another went.

“Ykee and Jazmine you have made my 42 days lockdown fire.” A mesmerized fan about the video said.

“Trust me on this, this is the song of the year.” Another said.

Watch the video below.

Written by Aine Siggy

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