Bebe Cool hilariously dances to Bobi Wine’s song

Singer Big size Bebe Cool excited revellers at his home and social media users alike who saw him jamming and grooving to his foe, Bobi Wine’s song.

The two musicians have been sworn enemies for almost three decades now and the beef seems still available though not profound as in the past.

It should be noted that Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine together formed Fire base in the early 2000’s to attack Leone Island boss Jose Chameleon who was musically ahead of them by far.

Bebe Cool would later leave Fire base to form his own Gagamel crew over some misunderstandings.

Their beef however hightened up at the beginning of the last decade.

The musicians resorted to hitting at themselves musically although physical altercations were also involved at times.

Things however got tense when the Kadingo singer attacked and insulted Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema and his father Mzee Bidandi Ssali.

This is something Bebe has vowed to never forgive Bobi Wine for unless he comes out and apologizes publicly.

Bebe Cool was even very active in the recent campaigns to see that Bobi Wine does not become president and indeed succeeded.

Bobi Wine though seems like he’s nolonger attracted to this beef as he’s taken long shunning the topic of Bebe Cool whenever it’s thrown at him.

While at a party in his home, Bobi Wine’s Bad man from Kamwokya song was played and Bebe Cool couldn’t help himself but jam to it.

He stood up and danced to he song which excited the revellers.

It’s not the first time Bebe is vibing to Bobi Wine’s songs.

A few years back he sang Bobi Wine’s songs on stage in a multi-million deal with Bell lager.

Maybe it’s time the two legends buried the hatchet and move on.

Written by Aine Siggy

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