I’m sweeter than Diana Nabatanzi -Full Figure

Motor mouthed faded singer Jennifer Nakangubi aka Full Figure has come out to say that she’s sweeter than Diana Nabatanzi when it comes to going under the sheets.

The “Gaaba Ku mazzi” singer said that people should not concentrate on quantity but rather quality.

And she says that she has more quality than the BBS TV presenter who instead has more quantity.

Full Figure also added that it’s the reason why no man has ever left her but instead she’s the one who dumps them unlike Diana who instead is the one dumped.

“Let me tell you something am a very sweet woman who no man can ever leave once they taste me. Am not like the Diana Nabatanzi’s. The problem is you look more at quantity than quality and me I have the quality.
I have all the spices in me.” Full Figure told Kasuku.

Guess men out there should fancy their chances of taking on the presidential advisor to prove whether her words are true or she’s gassing up herself just.

And after Bajjo getting married last year, Mama Museveni is now a single woman but wow who would really choose Nakangubi over Nabatanzi.

Not body shaming though but a personal opinion and going for Full Figure would require you to have elephant rollers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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