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Kaye Wisdom denies announcing President Museveni dead

Social media blogger and the president of Gospel artists in Uganda Wisdom Kaye has denied announcing President Yoweri Kaguta Musevni dead on social media and to people around him.

This came after he appeared on the list of those Police is looking saying they were among the people that started the rumor of President Museveni’s death.

Kaye Wisdom said he loves President Museveni as a person there is no way he would wake up and start announcing him dead. He said he has never uttered out any word about President Museveni dying.

“I love President Museveni personally and I always say things to protect him I don’t think I would wake up at any moment and start announcing him dead. I have never said any word announcing him dead.” Kaye Wisdom said.

He however, said he will not stop police from summoning him if they feel they have the proof and he is ready to face courts of law.

Out spoken Wisdom Kaye said President Museveni should be very mindful because they are now going to start targeting people who love him and shut them down like they have been doing.

Written by Aine Siggy

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