Please block and unfriend those that annoy you on social media- Betty Nambooze to President Museveni

Outspoken legislator Betty Nambooze has come out to give President Museveni a few tips on how to use social media.

The Mukono Municipality MP feels that the President is using high force in trying to deal with social media yet he could follow the simple policies offered by these media companies.

It should be recalled that President Museveni ordered a crackdown on all those who had spread fake news that he had died.

The President reiterated that more tight ways should be used to handle social media which has become a hub for the spread of fake news.

He went ahead to assign this role to the security organs.

These outrightly started their operations and arrested some people who had spread the fake news.

However, Nambooze feels that the President should be become more friendlier with the block and unfriend buttons on his social media handles.

“If someone annoys you on social media, simply unfollow/unfriend/delete them. It is terrible to announce you dead.

The reason why people announce people who are alive dead is because the whole country is insane.” Nambooze said.

Some opposition members feel that this directive by the president is just a camoflage to arrest all those who do not support him.

Written by Aine Siggy

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