Fille talks about excessive weight and drug abuse

Local songstress Fille Mutoni has absolutely had a trouble some past few years that led her into depression.

The singer had always been in a toxic relationship with her manager and boyfriend Mc Kats.

They were always on and off but eventually quit in 2019 for good.

This followed a shocking public revelation from Kats saying he was HIV positive.

The revelation took a toll on the Sabula singer who took a step away from the limelight after she had made an exclusive TV interview accusing her baby daddy of selfishness and being inconsiderate.

Fille thought that Kats’ revelation should have been made after consulting her because she was known to have an intimate relationship with him.

Fille only made a comeback in the recent months to revive her career that has been slowly drowning.

She got signed to Maritine entertainment where she’s being slowly moulded into the star she was before.

Fille already has a song titled Essawa Yonna with fellow label mate Barbarita.

While in an interview with Spark TV, she talked about her excessive weight and drug abuse.

Fille said many people have been body shaming her but she doesn’t care.

She narrated how she’s on an exercise program to shed the excessive weight because it had affected her health.

The singer also said she had battled drugs in the past but it’s something she was overcoming now.

“I put on extra weight especially in the lockdown because we weren’t working. I have been experiencing breathing problems when
I walk for short distances hence deciding to exercise out.

I’m not doing it for any man but for my health. I have so far reduced from 86kg to 83kg. I want to thank Maritine Music because they have really helped me to overcome my stress and depression.

I had been battling drugs and I won’t deny that I have never used them but am on the road to recovery now.” Fille narrated.

Drugs are synonymous with people in the music industry due to the pressure that comes with being in the limelight and peer influence.

However, more entertainers are coming out to advise the young people who look up to them about the dangers of drug abuse.

Written by Aine Siggy

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