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Man who cooked snake for customers survives being lynched

A man known as Minka Kyabike avoided being lynched by an angry mob in Kamuli district after serving snake sauce to his customers.

Kyabike who owns a restaurant said that he had failed to get the mudfish he’s been serving his clients.

For a week, he’s been unable to access the fish hence deciding to serve them the deadly reptile.

Kyabike added that he found the big snake on his way to the swamp, killed it and cut it into pieces which he served to his customers for Shs 500 a piece.

He asked for forgiveness from his clients saying he wanted money to look after his family since he had run out of money and yet there was no food at his place.

However, one of the customers who ate this meat Peter Kaima said he was impressed with it’s taste.

“The sauce was very good. It really tasted so delicious better than other sauces I have tasted.” Kaima said.

The Kamuli district deputy health officer Moses Lyagoba told the residents there was no need for worry since the snake was boiled.

This meant that the poisonous element was inactive and therefore posed no health complication.

According to a New York times report, when rattlesnakes are breaded and fried, they taste like a sinewy half starved tilapia.

Written by Aine Siggy

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