Chameleon almost lost his life to depression – Mc Kats

It’s no secret that depression is a very deadly situation and has led to suicide of some people in worst cases.

If not handled at earlier stages, it can always lead to the worst and it’s caused by different factors.

Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats who has been a victim of depression himself came out to tell how iconic singer Jose Chameleon was at one time depressed.

Being a celebrity and in the limelight comes with it’s own pressures which these entertainers have to live with.

Some resort to drugs and bad company which increases the severity of the crisis.

However, luckily for Chameleon, he had his brothers Pallaso and Weasel to lean onto for support .

“There was a time when
was going through depression but his quickest solution was Weasle and Pallaso
. It helps to hang out with your day ones when going through such hard times.” Kats told.

He made the comments while appearing on their NBS After 5 show.

In the studio was Halima Namakula who shed some light on the issue of depression which has been made worse by COVID 19.

She said different people do it for different reasons however for celebrities it’s more to do with the pressure if being in the limelight.

“Some people go into depression because they lack something, and for us (the celebrities), it’s worse because they have to keep a happy face in the public.” Namakula said.

She however said she won’t talk only bad things about the pandemic since it has also helped her to spend more time with her family a thing she never had before.

Written by Aine Siggy

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