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Full Figure launches war on Buganda

Presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer known as Full Figure has opened up a war on Baganda.

Full Figure did this following on the hatred that is piled on her by her fellow tribemates Baganda something she says is the worst to be done.

Full Figure who had an interview with STV television said she is a muganda but the truth is that Baganda are cursed and will never heal from the curse.

Giving scenarios why she says Baganda are cursed, Full Figure said it was a muganda who killed the people of God Uganda Martyrs for no reason and at the same time it’s a muganda who killed the Kabaka of Buganda who was the first president of Uganda.

“Baganda are cursed and will never heal from the curse. They are too jealousy. Imagine I am just a presidential advisor but they are not happy. When president Museveni didn’t include me on the list of cabinet Ministers they were happy not knowing am more of a first family.” Full Figure said.

Full Figure said Baganda don’t even know the reason why they will never rule Uganda but rather remain in one circle of Buganda kingdom.

Motor mouthed Full Figure said Buganda needs innervation from God so that they can blessed again if not that they will keep behind fighting one another without any developments.

Written by Aine Siggy

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