Bad Black Reportedly Kicked Out of House Like a Beggar

Social media yesterday was awash with news of how socialite amd thigh vendor Shanitah Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black had been kicked out of her rental over failure to clear Ugx 8 million shillings in rental arrears.

The news was revealed by Bad Black’s eternal nemesis Ritah Kaggwa who is based in the UK through her social media posts.

Bad Black had for long lied to her followers how she had allegedly bought the house. The renowned sex seller said that she had paid around 600 million shillings to the owner for the plush mansion in Butabiika.

Bad Black was seen packing at night like a thief for fear of cameras landing on her but eventually the news was let out of the bag.

However, as it is known that she’s one person who can’t accept to lose a battle, she answered back to Ritah Kaggwa saying it was her wish to relocate to another place from Butabiika.

Bad Black said that she had decided to relocate to a more posh house dubbed the pool house which left netizens knowing that the allegations of buying the previous house was indeed a hoax.

Bad Black further went o the attack telling Rita Kaggwa how she’s running a bitter life in the UK.

She advised the social media blogger to get something better to do and leave her alone because her thigh vending has brought fame and fortune she will never get.

It should be recalled that Bad Black sometime back threatened to bewitch Riath Kaggwa if the later did not stop attacking her in her social media posts.

She added that she will do somethingdespicable to Ritah such as bewitching her children so that they dont walk or talk again.

However, social media users advised Bad Black to go back to square one of selling herself to get rent money and leave young boys alone because they won’t give her anything.

Written by Aine Siggy

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