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Halima Namakula advises artists to be respectful

Legendary singer Halima Namakula has advised Ugandan artists to be respectful because that’s the main core of their success.

This came after different artists were invited to grace the UG Connect E concert that started yesterday on NBS television and they snubbed it saying the money they gave them was little.

According to Halima Namakula that showed that they are disrespectful and don’t have passion for music.

“For this period we have not been having concerts, some artists refused to come for the UG connect concert because of the money. This shows they are disrespectful because if someone has passion for the industry they will even sing for no coin.” Halima Namakula said.

She however said she will not blame them because people have different reasons to why they don’t want to do something but the way they requested them, she expected positive responses only.

David Lutalo is one of the big artists that refused to come for the concert for him it’s said that promoter Balumywa is the reason behind that.

Written by Aine Siggy

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