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Stella Nyanzi Celebrates Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu Attempted Assassination

What a dangerous place Uganda is becoming especially for those holding public offices.
These can nolonger move in their country without worry of being assassinated or stolen.

The latest news shows how Buganda Road Chief Gladys Kamasanyu magistrate survived the worst after being attacked by unknown men who were riding on a motorcycle.

Kamasanyu is the Chief Magistrate for utilities at Buganda Road Court. Accordingto reports Kamasanyu had gone to Greenhll Academy in Namuwongo to check her child’s PLE results.

The Kampala Metropolitan area Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire confirmed the attack and said it happened at around 11am.

She was only saved by the shool guards who scared off the thugs as they opened to come to her rescue. She’s currently admitted at IHK hospital.

According to Owoyesigire, investigations are ongoing and he added that the thugs made off with her phone and bag that had some valuables.

“She parked her car and later crossed the road to go to the schools. As she was heading out, three men who were on motorcycles and had been allegedly trailing her waited for her kicked Kamasanyu and she fell on the ground.” Owoyesigire said.

Jameson Karemani the spokesperson of the judiciary confirmed the attack on Kabasanyu and said it happened as she went to pick her child’s PLE results from the school.

This led to embattled former Makerere University don Stella Nyanzi taking to social media to celebrate this attack in a poem.

It should be recalled that Kamasanyu was the judge behind the infamous case of Stella Nyanzi that saw her being sent behind bars for 18 months although the term was later overruled by the High Court.

Kamasanyu was hit with a water bottle by Stella Nyanzi’s rowdy supporters before the former Makerere University don flashed her rubberband like breasts at ther judge.

And as they say that Nalongo’s bear curses, it could have been Stella Nyanzi’s curse that trailed Kamasanyu to this situation.

Nyanzi titled her poem ‘POEM FOR A BRUTALISED M,AGISTRATE.’

Nyanzi wrote that when she heard of Kamasanyu’s attack, she was not saddened even a single bit, she in fact danced in a celebratory mood after learning of the attack.

She added that Kamasanyu abused her power and office after sending her behind bars for 18 months simply on orders from above.

Nyanzi was however disappointed with these assassins who have made it a habit to aim and miss their targets of recent.

This was after the attempted assassination on Gen Katumba Wamala failed last month but ended up claiming his daughetr and driver.

Stella added that if Kamasanyu wanted to arrest and prosecute her again, she is in Bavaria Germany.

Written by Aine Siggy

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