Angella Katatumba gives five reasons why she can’t use a condom

Singer Angella Katatumba has come out and given five reasons why she doesn’t use condoms while having sex.

She said this following her relationship with fellow artists Daddy Andre.

According to Angella Katatumba,
One of the reasons why she doesn’t use a condom is that different men want to make her pregnant because of her wealth and father’s property and that shows they are likely to tear the condom while having sex and make her pregnant.

The second reason why she doesn’t use a condom is to freely enjoy sex because having sex without condom is more sweet than sex with a condom.

The third reason why Angella Katatumba doesn’t want to use a condom is because most sick men use a condom and hence can easily infect her with HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.

The fourth reason why Angella Katatumba said she doesn’t use a condom is because it shows someone doesn’t trust her yet having sex with someone there must be trust between the couples.

She said all this during an interesting with an online blogger known as Allan Cruz.

However Angella Katatumba said girls need to use condoms to as they are advised although for her she doesn’t use a condom.

It should be noted that Angella Katatumba said she denied her ex. Boyfriend Daddy Andre sex because he refused to be go HIV test

Written by Aine Siggy

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