Lwasa’s wife advises Diana Nabatanzi

Women power, their power. Lwasa’s wife has come out to show what women can do when they unite and not even a man can come in between them.

Kwakunda Angel who recently got married to Masaka based tycon Emmanuel Lwasa has come out to show solidarity with fellow woman Diana Nabatanzi.

She told the BBS TV presenter to remain focussed and concentrated on her works and not mind Lwasa’s words.

The tycoon has made it a public secret to attack the “Kiri Kitya” presenter after their romance that allegedly spanned five years bitterly came to an end.

Lwasa has been spilling secrets the two had as a couple and even at one time branded her a thief.

He recently came out and alleged that the sex tape that had earlier leaked was indeed Nabatanzi’s.

This was after it was proved that the person in the video wasn’t Nabatanzi but it was rather outsourced.

Despite the numerous provocations, Nabatanzi has maintaind her calm.

She has never at any one time come out to address the rumors or attack Lwasa.

It was from this standpoint that Lwasa’s wife advised her to maintain her good manners becasue she has all it takes to be a star.

“Don’t allow someone to pull you down, don’t mind about people’s words, stay focussed on your dreams and goals. Don’t allow Lwasa’s ill talks to cause you headache.. You are beautiful, get up , go to work and you have your talent.Don’t go backward, be the same Diana we have been seeing for long.” She advised Nabatanzi.

However, it seems like Lwasa is not bent on erasing Nabatanzi’s name from his mouth as he jumps on every chance availed to him to mudsling her

Written by Aine Siggy

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