List of top handsome male TV presenters in Uganda

We have at The BuzzNation compiled a list of some of the top handsome male television presenters in Uganda.

This was done following the fans demand on it’s social media handles like twitter and Facebook.

According to the research made the following people made were chose as the most handsome men following their looks, fashion style and their characters.

Crysto Panda

Real names Kityamuwesa Herbert, works with NTV television and a musician at the same time. His sense of fashion made him stand as number one.

Douglas Lwanga

He is an NBS television presenter and has been in the industry for more than 10years. Having inspired many young people with his life style and fashion made him become number two.

DJ Slick Stuart

Real names Stuart Kavuma comes in number three on the list of the most handsome men on television.

Sammy Wetala

He works with NTV television and his sense if fashion has made him stand out in other television presenters. He comes as number four in the most handsome men in television.

Allan Cruz

He is a BBS television presenter and at the same time a YouTuber. Allan is young, handsome and hard-working. This makes him stand out as number five in the top handsome TV presenters.

Daggy Nyce

Real names Ssubi Douglas, he works with NTV and has an outstanding sense of fashion. This makes him come as number six in the most handsome male as the television presenter.


Real names Katende Isaac, he is a Spark television presenter and looks good. Though his sense of fashion is not that outstanding but he inspired men.


;Jonathan Jaxta real names Jonathan Mukudwa is BBS television presenter and actually looks good. His sense of Fashion is somehow better and that makes him appear on the list of the top male handsome television presenters.

There are so many but to mention a few, these above have stood out in the media industry and have inspired so many young people outside their.

Written by Aine Siggy

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