Mr. Henry opens up on why he fell for Geosteady’s ex wife potholed bums

Galaxy radio presenter Mr. Henry has given out reasons why he was attracted and fell for Geosteady’s ex wife Prima Kardashi potholed bums.

He talked about it during his daily show on Galaxy radio.

Mr. Henry said Prima Kardashi’s potholed bums are so soft and romantic and they are the ones that turn him on.

According to Mr Henry he is not moved by what people talk about his girlfriend’s Prima Kardashi bums because he personally loves them and they are not too holed like people make it look like.

“I fell in love with Prima Kardashi because of her pot holed bums. They are so romantic and they turn me on. You know they are not full of holes like people say it there are just few holes on it.” Mr. Henry said.

Mr. Henry added on that he is proud of Prima that she can easily put on a swimming costume and take photos with her body.

It should be noted that Prima Kardashi was married to singer Geosteady and the two have two daughters together.

Written by Aine Siggy

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