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Pastor Sempa attacks Buganda Kingdom and cultural leaders on radical feminism

Vocal Makerere Community Church Pastor Martin Sempa has come out to attack the cultural institutions for paying a deaf ear as the institution of the family is being perished by external forces.

Sempa who has been instrumental in the fight against homosexuality and family values expressed his disappointment in the leaders of the country.

He says that these are continuously and silently watching on as marriage and family instittutions are being ravaged.

He went ahead to rally the cultural leaders of the different cultural institutions in Uganda such as Buganda, Bunyoro, Tooro, Busoga to come up and fight for the preservation of family values.

Sempa said that radical feminists hiding in the movement of women human rights are having a negative influence on the girl child in the country.

These have wrong vices they teach to the girl child such as not cooking for their husbands, kneeling etc.

Hegave an example of the likes of Jeniffer Musisi, Dorothy Kiaka saying this is the last batch of educated women that will be able to address their men in amore cutltural way.

” I want to call upon the different cultural leaders to step up the fight against our cultural institutions in the country because they are under attack from foreign influence. This is your role to preach our cultures, traditions and values into the young population. I have seen the Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga rallying people to carry out financial ventures to uplift them such as farming. But who are we going to live the things we work so hard for with. Foreigners have continued to influx the country and their major aim is to destabilize the marriage government which is the core of our society.” Pastor Sempa said while appearing in an in terview with Kasuku.

The Pastor went ahead to pull out a book written by the late Katikiro of Buganda Sir Apollo Kaggwa.

The book talked about the ways of living of the Baganda and even cited how sexual immorality was brought about by the Arabs in the 19th century.

Sempa also talked of how he was stigamatized by western governemnets in 2014 when Uganda signed the anti Homsexuality act.

He added that he went to the American embassy in Nsambya and handed over their citizenship because he did not want anything to do with them.

Written by Aine Siggy

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