Did Ykee Benda go beyond the video shoot with Lydia Jazmine?

It’s been a few days after Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine shot the video for their song Banange that’s currently doing well.

However the Mpaka records CEO seems like he can’t get over this video shoot.

The two dropped some pics from this shoot and at one point they could be seen sharing a lips to lips kiss.

It’s something the Superman singer has had running in his head for some time now.

He took to his Facebook page to tell of how it’s one video shoot he won’t ever forget.

“Btw nkute video nyinji nyo munsi muno Naye video shoot Eno yanyumila nyo Bambi.”Ykee Benda posted on his Facebook page alongside a photo of him kissing Lydia Jasmine.

This sent his followers into speculation asking him if he actually took things further from the shoot to an unknown location.

Both singers are single and anything can happen since they have been flirting around even before the duet.

Written by Aine Siggy

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