Lwasa’s wife tells off haters who say she’s detoothing him

Tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa’s wife Kwakunda Angel has come out to ell off the haters who say she does not love the wealthy don but is after his money.

Many people have always claimed how the newly married wife is after Lwasa’s money.

This is after Lwasa gifting her a numer of luxuries such as a boutique and car and constantly spoils her with lots of his money.

Kwakunda who replaced Diana Nabatanzi told her haters that thy should chill her because the money she’s enjoiying is neither their theirs nor their fathers.

Angel who was flanked by a happy Lwasa as she threw subliminal shots to the haters said she doesn’t know why people can mind other people’s businesses.

She added that she’s Lwasa’s legal wife and there is no way she can reject the things he buys for her.

“People should learn to mind their own business. Those who say am after his money and detoothing him, Is it your money that am taking. He gifts me things and I can’t refuse them. Do you expect me to reject them. Why should I yet am not going to be buried with him. If you know that you have a share on the money that Lwasa gives me, please come and pick it. Those who say that I have not given him a child, do you know how many children he has. Are you the one that married me or it’s him. If Diana Nabatanzi spent five years with him but did not produce, why do you want me who’s been married just for months to give birth. Jusr leave us alone.” Kwakunda said.

This comes after Kwakunda threatened to divorce Lwasa if he doesnt get Nabatanzi’s name out of his mouth.

Maybe people should learn and naster the art of minding their own business.

Written by Aine Siggy

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