Top 10 Musicians whose carrers/lives have been claimed by drug abuse

Drugs are some of the biggest problems in the entertainment industry both locally and globally.

Drug buse has gone a long way in ending careers or even claiming lives of some of the biggest entertainers.

In Uganda it’s not been an exception either as many promising entertainers have succumbed to the vice while others have seen their careers dealt a huge blow.

Below we take a look at some of the biggest talents whose careers or lives have been lost to drug abuse.

Ziggy Dee

The early 2000’s, were you really alive or did you understand music yet.

If yes, then you know what the name Ziggy Dee is.

He was in an era of the likes of Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleon among others.

Looking at what his counterparts have become, its undeniable that Ziggy Dee was going to be a huge star.

He released songs like Eno Mic, Sunda that are still bangers up to now. Bobi Wine even had to do a collabo with him of Sunda.

However, the fame and all the pressure came and he resorted to drug use.

A few years later he was off the music scene never to be heard of again.

Gift of Kaddo

The late 2000’s and early 2011’s saw a musical wave take up the Ugandan Music industry.

This was spearheaded by the Goodlyf crew under Mowzey Radio and Weasel.

It had a number of proteges including Gift of Kaddo. He released a number of hit songs such as traffic man, lawyer among others.

He later made a singing duo with the late Mr X and together they became a sensational force.

The two released some hit songs but Mr X later succumbed to an unknown disease.

This took a toll on Kaddo and he resorted to heavy drug abuse. His music later faded away and he recently started making a come back to the music scene.

He attributed his comeback to songstress Nina Roz who was also once a drug addict but recovered.

Michael Ross Kakooza

There is no way you talk abouy Uganda’s RnB and the name Michael Ross doesn’t surface.

He was the king of the new genre in Uganda in the ealy 2000’s.

Songs such as Senorita, Number One, Clothes off made him a fan favorite.

With his energetic break dancing skills and cute looks, he immediatly became a ladies favorite.

However when the music slowly faded and with the coming of new musicians onto the scene, Ross retreated into a drug hibernation.

H e recently relocated to the US where he became a born again Christian.

He plans to become an advocate for drug abuse among the youth.

Jackie Chandiru

After breaking up from the Blu 3, Jackie Chandiru also pursued a solo career like her counterparts, Cindy and Lilian Mbabazi.

It was fairly successfu at the beginning releasing chart topping songs such as Gold digger, Agasi, Wotuuse among others.

She collaborated with Dr Jose Chameleon and Rabadaba on a number of hit songs.

She however started abusing drugs which almost claimed her life.

She was rescued by events promoter Balaam Barugahara who checked her into rehab.

As she had slowly recovered, she again relapsed and this time almost died but fortunately she was saved.

She unsuccessfully tried to launch a music come back last year. She’s slowly still recovering.

Qute Kaye

What a wasted talent! Qute Kaye came onto the scene in the late 2000’s with his song Ginkese.

More good songs followed and he soon became a fan favorite.

But with the music industry a den of drug abuse, he soon followed suit.

He was embarrasingly caught on camera stealing motor lights.

He however checked into rehab and recovered but he’s once budding music career was brought to a shattering end.

Fille Mutoni

One would wonder why such a talent like Fille would have to resort to drug abuse.

Sh rose onto the scene in 2013 with her No money song. Shortly she became a huge star when Mc Kats became her manager.

A number of hit songs followed but she later fell out with her manager Kats who had transitioned into baby daddy and boyfriend.

This was after Kats revealed his positive HIV status publicly. This sent Fille into depression for close to two years and drugs became her new music.

She recently got signed to Maritini music to try aand revive her once glittering music career as she undergoes rehab.


One of the tragedies that befell the music industry. Emmanuel Mayanja was from the talented Mayanja family consisting the likes of Jose Chameleon, Pallaso and Weasel.

He made his name cemented on the music scene and did not need the shoulders of his already established brothers.

Songs such as Champion, Tukikolemu Nawe, Ebbaluwa made him a household name.

He reportedly fell out with his older brother Chameleon and left the Leone Island Crew and joined Jeff Kiwa’s Team No Sleep.

The year was 2014 and while hanging out at Deja Vu bar in Kansanga Akay was found lying unconscious in the bar’s washrooms.

Conspiracies have been mounted about the cause of his death with some saying he was murdered while others say it was a drug overdose.

Moze Radio

Writng about this death still hurts like yesterday. This has probably been Uganda’s biggest loss in the music industry.

He was a talent that can arguably be dubbed Uganda’s best ever.

Radio started out in Chameleon’s Leone Island crew backing the singer.

He released a song titled Jennifer but later deserted the crew with Weasel and they formed the Goodlyf Crew.

Listing Radio&Weasel’s hit songs would be an insult because all their songs were monster hits and am sure you know them.

However, despite his budding musci career, Radio’s heavy use of drugs took a toll on him.

One could easily tell due to his frail looking posture.

He was very known of going on rants with different people especially when he was high.

His death was not directly due to drugs but they undoutedly contributed to his demise.

Ziza Bafana

The last decade saw a rise in some of Uganda’s best musicians and Bafana was one of them.

He would later make the dancehall genre his own pitch.

He released a number of songs such as Friedly Match, Pomini, Gyayo Ntekeyo among others.

There was no doubt that he was the undisputed king of the dancehall.

However drug abuse robbed him of this title.He recently decided to make a comeback with a collabo with Pallaso titled Mpeke and a single titled Embuzi.

Maddox Sematimba

You know what they call classical music. That’s music that stands the test of time and never fades.

Well that’s what reggae star Maddox Ssemanda Ssematimba has in his musc store.

Songs released in Sweden 20 years ago are still as new and fresh to the ear as before.
Namagembe, Omukwano, Munakyalo, Nakatudde name them are songs that will never fade away.

And surely with such a robust talent, one would surely wish to hear the legend take to the studio and release some fresh jams.

However, after his deportation from Sweden Maddox took to drugs and was some years back caught on camera being slapped like a market thief by a policeman.

Other notable Mentions

Bobi Wine: He was able to regulate what his body can take and has never been down due to drugs.

Bebe Cool: He said that he eventually quit them because they were of no value to him.

Chameleon: Might have quit or still does but beat them through

Nina Roz: She recovered and is now an advocate

Vampino: One of Uganda’s best dancehall stars. Drugs ate his career prematurely

Exodus; Recovered

The names are really many as many have testified to using drugs at one point in their careers.

Written by Aine Siggy

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