Bikini body battle: Who’s got it better between Lydia Jazmine and Lynda Ddane?

Both are celebrities in the limelight and there’s no denial that they are all absolutely sexy.

Lynda Ddane real names Linda Uwamahoro is an NTV and KFM presenter.

She leaves men lusting over her absolutely gorgeous body and yeah she’s got it all.

It’s no wonder that a lot of men slide into her social media DMs but currently her partner is unknown.

The D’Hook presenter had her nudes leak some years back but it was before she became this extra sexy reason they are not popular.

Lydia Nabawanukka aka Lydia Jazmine needs no introduction because everyone knows who she is.

Having been around the music industry for close to a decade now, she’s cemented her place as one of the most formidable songstresses.

There is no doubt about her talent as she’s not a gambler.

Talk about her sexy body, dang she’s got it. A dripping gorgeous sexy curved piece of body.

Jazmine has for a long time made men drown in their own garments.

Even fellow celebrities are known to want a piece of her but it seems for now music is her marriage.

Guess what these celebrities have in common, they have both ever released bikini photos and so let’s see who you prefer.

They say one man’s poison is another man’s poison so both might no work for you, but if they do then your the Shaka Zulu of the conquerors.

Written by Aine Siggy

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