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Hon Nabbanja needs to disappear – Senga Justine Nantume

Sanyuka Television presenter Senga Justin Nantume has said Prime Minister RT Hon Robina Nabanja needs to disappear.

She said this following the government money she promised vulnerable Ugandans of which many of them have not got.

According to Jistine Nantume, God should punish Hon Robina Nabanja and make her disappear so that people stop looking at her with all the hunger they are feeling.

“Nabbanja needs to disappear because very many people are disappointed in her after promising the money to the vulnerable and money failing to reach. I think God should help us punish her that way.” Senga Justine Nantume said.

Justin Nantume is not the only one crying for Nabbanja’s money, very many politicians have been complaining that the vulnerable people didn’t receive the money but rather known people received the money.

Senga Nantume said Uganda Musician Association also deserves this because they have continuously embezzled artists money.

Written by Aine Siggy

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