PM Nabbanja is locked out of her office as her Twitter handle is suspended

Ever since PM Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja assumed her office a few weeks ago, she’s been a very busy woman.

Nabbanja has been spotted here and there trying to enforce her official duties.

However, she faced it rough on Wednesday 21st July after being locked out of her office by staff.

Nabbanja came to her office in the morning and found it locked as there was nobody present by the time she arrived.

The Prime Minister reached at her office a few minutes before 8am.

She however couldn’t access the premises since they had been locked the previous day.

Nabbanja immediately started making anonymous phone calls as her police guards and aides looked on.

It was only after almost an hour later that Nabbanja got any assistance.

This was possible after the under secretary James Collins Dombo managed to get in touch with some of the staff members and informed them of the issue at hand.

According to the official time schedule for government workers, they are supposed to report at 8am and leave at 5pm.

You can only imagine the disappointment and the hustle the dear PM had to go through.

She might even have to sharpen her sword and sack some of the responsible staff for their lack of seriousness.

Meanwhile her Twitter account was suspended over unclear circumstances as it was still undergoing verification.

Her Twitter handle was at @RobinahNabbanja and people have been cautioned to ignore other handles.

Written by Aine Siggy

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