A hacker took my social media pages after promising me UN job- MC Kats reveals

Well if maybe you thought that celebrities and people who have been in the limelight can’t be duped, you are probably wrong.

Legendary MC Edwin Katamba who also doubles as NBS after 5 presenter narrated how a hacker stole his social media pages after promising him a UN job.

Many social media users have fallen to these tricks when different accounts send them messages telling them how they have been chosen for a certain job or want to assist them.

“My social media accounts for ‘Kats Music Ug’ were hacked by an anonymous who uses a USA phone number. He trapped me with a message of a UN job and also uses the Google Authentic App, so when he puts you under it, then you’re gone.” Kat’s said.

However, funnily enough when the presenters had gone for a musical break in the Afta 5 program, the hacker reportedly handed back MC Kat’s YouTube channel.

A lot of artistes in Uganda have seen their social media handles hacked by anonymous people and seized.

These include Pallaso, Beenie Gunter, Fille, Irene Ntale among others.

Some have recovered their pages while others have had to open new ones

Written by Aine Siggy

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