I’m dirty and nasty Chronicles: Epside 2

So I think I left you in anticipation mode with the previous article but worry no more becasue am here to divulge more for you on what happened under the sheets with the mighty Sylvia who devirgined me

If you haven’t read the previous article, I would advise you to scroll to the earlier article because this won’t make sense to you if your not conversant with it’s origin.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t learn the easier way but rather the hard way with Sylvia. There was nothing like romancing but we rather got down to business.

Thinking about that moment six years later still gives me goosebumps. Sylvia lay on her back and pulled off her lace red undies and pulled me by the collar of my shirt.

She directed me to pull out my already hardened and throbbing general D. With my hands all shakingg and trembling, I pulled it out, it was more excited than I was. Perhaps it was becasue it was about to feast on its first meal ever.

The first of many. I was embarking on a journey of no return. Sylvia was a woman I had met there and then. We felt the vibe, connection and horn insrtantly. Basically no one of us remembered about using protection.

It was just walking through hell and hoping either of us passes through safely. She inserted me inside her already wet and dripping underworld. Gosh, I felt a tinge of happiness, plesure, fear, worry all engulf me at once.

I started humping slowly in between her legs. I was sexually aware that you don’t start a car at a high speed but slowly and then you pick up momentum. Sylvia started hissing under her breath like a cobra.

I knew I was doing the right thing and hitting the right spots. I started to increase momentum and Sylvia enjoyed every poundinmg that came from me.

She reached out with her hands and grabbed my torso. All I could here from her now was the recital of vowels. This mature chic was already flooding the bed which was not even ours.

It wasn’t the time to think about that however. I started feeling myself going so fast and everything getting slippery. It wasn’t my time to climax. I wanted to go more.

I pulled out and then started going in slowly with the shaft of my D. I could feel her elongated twin towers kiss my big bro as he went in and out of her big Kadabra.

After building momentum, I just started pounding and whipping Sylvia so hard like blender chopping fruits. Before I knew it Sylvia was all sweating and moaning in pleasure with each round I went into her so hard.

After around 15 mins, she pushed me away in loud voice saying ‘ sembelayo amazzi tegakuyikira’ loosely translated as move away so I don’t flood you.

Indeed she flooded the whole bed and the waters spilled down the under the bed. It was something I had never seen in all the movies I had watched.

But we weren’t yet done. We couldn’t stop at one round. We had to go more and so we headed back to action.

Keep around I will be dropping the next episode, Don’t want you to miss a single bit.

Written by Aine Siggy

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