Simple Steps On How To Land The Woman Of Your Dreams

So finally you spotted the woman of your life or you feel like it’s time to jump into the hustle and bustle of dating but surely you don’t know where to start from.

It doesn’t matter if you an introvert or extrovert because approaching your dream woman takes more than your ability to talk in public.

However, the ability to talk without being shy is an added advantage for you if you possess it.

So what are you going to do for this woman brother you spot almost on a daily basis, your surely bent on the fact that she’s your true calling.

Don’t tell me your going to sit on yourself and watch her dance at the tip of your claws every day until some random guy who’s not even better than you snatch her. There’s always no right time if you don’t act up so fast.

I’m not trying to gas you up and get yourself bounced, all am trying to tell you is that you can. She could have loads of guys after her and many better in terms of money or even looks, but cool down, the underdog always makes the best of wonders.

You have heard of men crying that they don’t know what women want despite all the provisions they could have given them, how about maybe it’s you who has what these women/woman want.

Below I’m going to list some of the best proven methods on how to land that dream woman that you consider or have bee told is out of your league.

So brace yorself up, apply these and maybe shortly you will be back here for thanksgiving.

Self Belief

Bro trust me if you have all it takes, but deep down in you, there are doubts about the mission your going to do, it’s easy as saying your already down. Literally you have already failed.

Nobody is going to know how much you treasure or want that woman in front of you. So horn th beliefs and determination inside you.
Comfort yourself that your going to beat this and always drown yourself in positivity.

The best athletes, businessmen, musicians, actors name them have always believed in themselves.

Many people would lovee to call it arrogancy or pride but whateveer it is, feel yourself.

Be your own champion and comforter, remember nobody is going to enjoy the rewards more than you.

Been there before so I know what am talking about, self belief is the first thing to land that million dollar dream woman.


Confidence and self belief are inter-related but different in a number of ways. As self belief tends to be more inner, confidence embodies both inner and outer belief.

You have to exhude confidence in whatever you do or say. I believe one of the things that might be attracting you to that dream woman is her self confidence, so let’s be realsitic bro, what makes you think she will fall for you if you can’t even match her confidence.

Your confidence says alot about you. Understanding, bravery, courage, security, serious etc.

I now think you know why players use confidence as their biggest weapon. He will talk many girls into him like he owns the whole world.

Maybe your confidence was shattered by a previous girl you approached, teacher, gaurdian, parent etc. Relax there are a number of ways to fix it.

The easiest is sit infront of a mirror and start talking to yourself looking straight in your eyes. We sahll talk about how to boost your confidence in mor articles to come.

This where the point of eye contact comes in. In simplicity, you need your confidence levels to be high in the sky if your going to embark on this mission of winning her over.

Physical Appearance

So yes you have the confidence and you believe that you can do it, whats your next step.

Grooming yourself is the next step to land that empress that conquered the Roman empire in your heart.

Don’t tell me you were going to approach her a dirty chap or untamed. I’m not just telling you to shower, nope body appearance comes with a lot of things to it.

Leaarn to bathe, funny how it might sound but most male folks don’t shower on a daily basis.

They do it whenever they want to, but trust me, the moment you become bodily hygienic, then your on track.

Why do you grow those beards and hair to look like Osama Bin Laden? Hope nobody in Al Qaeda reads this to come after me but I’m not scared.

Anyway, jokes aside, trim your hair and beards and look like that macho hollywood movie protagonist. Your chances of landing her shall benefit alot from this.

Wash your clothes no matter how many pairs you have. Just make sure they are washed and if you can iron them, it makes you stand out from the rest and makes her wonder who this golden boy is.

Bear in mind that most of these girls make decisions based on their friends or family opinions.

So nobody is going to endorse you among this group if you look like you just escaped from the stone age era.

Still regarding your body, workout and yes work out. Kep your body in shape. I’m not telling you to go and lift weights then become a Hulk Hogan or Dwayne Johnson sort of.

Try to be athletic with a few aerobics because this too boosts your confidence.

Besides if she hands you the CEO role of her heart, you will have ton perform to the bset of your abilities, exercises will boost your performance and prolong your tenure in her heart.

Still in regards to your body, smell good. You have ever heard that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, that’s good food.

Well it’s different for a woman. To a woman’s heart you will have to manouvre like Vasco da Gama discovering the shortest sea route to India and that’s through her nose. Yes women like things that smell good, reason they love smelling and being given flowers.

So invest in yourself with a nice smelling perfume/cologne. You won’t regret the results.


Damn that word stings hard, nobody wants to really associate themselves with it or bear in mind tht they have been or will be rejected.

But let me tell you one thing, dating is like a business venture. You invest in it thinking that you will reap rewards but at times it goes the opposite way and fails to materialise.

Does it mean you leave the business, no, you keep on pushing and one day the hardwork and patience will eventually pay off.

So as you approach that dream woman of yours, take it as war , a battle field where your prepared to fight to the death.

This means it’s a live or die situation and therefore rejection should be something that you bear at the back of your mind.

Once she tells you no and outrightly shows you she’s not interested, take your rejection and walk away like a champ. Rome wasn’t built in a day and she’s not the only one.

The way you fell for her is the same way you will fall for another. Basically if you know that rejection is part of the game, you will embrace your flaws, conquer your fears and eventually start to peruse the streets like a pro.

Basically apply those procedures to your dating life and you will be a pro. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t land your dream woman

Ooh lastly, I don’t know how your dream woman looks like, but they say measure what you are able to chew. All the best buddy. Wishing you nothing but absolutely all the best.

Written by Aine Siggy

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