You’re disappointment to your fans – Bobi Wine blasts Chameleon

Musician and politician Robert Kyagulanyi has blasted fellow artists Jose Chameleon saying he is a disappointment to his fans.

This statement was made following Chameleon and his new association members visiting Gen Salim Saleh asking for money to help them boost the music industry.

According to a post Bobi Wine posted on Facebook, he said he is frustrated on seeing fellow artists lining up in Gulu at Gen Salim Saleh’s place begging for money yet they know that money is not given to them in good faith but rather to silence them from speaking out.

“Watching my fellow artistes line up themselves before #DictatorMuseveni’s brother General Salim Saleh to beg for handouts, my mind was taken back to the story of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator of the 19th century.I know that all these artists are aware that the entire objective is to silence not just individual artistes but to water down the entire music and creative industry so that it never produces another ‘Kyagulanyi’ kind of artist that speaks truth to it’s face. The objective is to divide artistes and cause them to fight against each other because Gen. Museveni believes in the divide and rule concept. No wonder, several artistes are already up in arms questioning the methods and criteria used to select beneficiaries of the few monies dished out every once in a while. Moreover tax payers’ money! “ Bobi Wine posted.

Bobi Wine went ahead and said their fans are really disappointed in them because they are really dying of hunger yet their tax money is just given out to people.

“I can only imagine the disappointment of the fans who rely on their artists to raise their voices and speak about social issues that affect them. As we speak, many Ugandans are grappling untold poverty, hunger, disease and oppression. Many of our people are dropping dead because of starvation. It is in such times that artists should rise to the occasion and speak on behalf of the millions of their fans whose voices have been suppressed and locked down. This is not a time for artist to line up before the despot and beg for a few crumbs that fall off his plunder of our nation.”

Bobi Wine said these artists who met Gen Salim Saleh should have asked themselves why he is being too good to them yet he knows little about music yet they are not given a ministry as the arts industry if he really wants to solve their problems.

Bobi Wine said the main intent of Gen Salim Saleh inviting artists is to destruct them from their plans and keep them poor and begging only.

However Bobi Wine advised young artists to work hard and be patient and not to follow these big artists because they are too blind to see that they are being used

“But any way, its so sad that they never learn. They’re just too blind to see that they’re being used to their own detriment. It gets clearer each day that the people of Uganda are on their own- sad! I know that all hope is not lost. I encourage all well meaning artistes, especially the young, to believe in the values of hard-work and patience. Most importantly, they must resist the temptation of quick fixes from the regime, and work not only for their well being, but the well being of the people of Uganda who have made them what they are.”

Written by Aine Siggy

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